Deep Dive

Permission to personalise: Safeguarding your social media strategy

Targeting individuals through social media is a strategy marketers are increasingly good at – and one that pays off. But with privacy concerns and the need to remain relevant in a crowded market ever present, content producers can’t simply rest on the data. So, we engage social media experts to ask what makes for a winning strategy and discover insights from brands realising the results.

Getting creative with PR

Mollie Edwards chats to professionals at agencies that have recently bolstered their media integration, hears from those who’ve been in the PR game for many years and looks at what this change means for the industry.

Influencer marketing’s growing mandate

According to Business Insider, estimates show influencer marketing is set to become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022. Much has already been written about this marketing strategy in 2021, this as TikTok takes off, luxury brands like BMW attempt to reach new audiences, and authenticity comes under increased scrutiny.

Not the S word

It’s said that a well-defined and achievable marketing strategy makes meeting existing and new customer needs a likely and attainable goal. And while most companies do great marketing, fewer have created and translated a solid brand strategy through to their marketing practices and tactics at every touchpoint to achieve this goal. David Nothling-Demmer explores why ‘strategy’ this all the hype and why having an effective marketing strategy in place is one of the best marketing tools you can use.

David Owen of oOh!media

Out-of-home outfit oOh!media is taking its smarts to the next level with the appointment of a new Research & Insights Director. Tasked with understanding the evolution of oOh!media’s consumers, the former Research Manager at TVNZ talks up the strengths of the sector and shares how he’s helping marketers overcome its challenges.

Indies on the rise

When it comes to creative industries, big isn’t necessarily best. Sure, large Auckland agencies win a lot of awards, but as Jonathan Cotton discovers, there’s more to the business of marketing than trophies and glitzy gatherings.