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NZ Marketing Awards


The TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards are back! In 2021 we celebrate 30 years of exceptional marketing, and look forward to receiving your occasion-worthy submissions.


The TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards are split into three categories: Sector Awards, Excellence Awards and the Individual Awards, with a total of 32 Awards being dished out across 31 categories.


Each year a selection of elite CEOs and senior marketers are secured to decide who will walk home victorious with a TVNZ-NZ Marketing Award.


Having a top-quality network with great coverage, speed and reliability is key for telco consumers. But as Skinny’s marketing team soon discovered, perceptions versus reality don’t always match up.


At Meridian, generating clean energy from renewable sources and betterment of the environment is at the brand’s core. Yet the business knew it needed to connect with its agriculture customers in a more meaningful way, a way that would allow them to cut through the chatter.