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NZ Marketing Awards


At Meridian, generating clean energy from renewable sources and betterment of the environment is at the brand’s core. Yet the business knew it needed to connect with its agriculture customers in a more meaningful way, a way that would allow them to cut through the chatter.


Tenfold Creative could see their company Marley was quickly losing its hold on the market, so needed a bright new idea to spark the love their customers had for the brand.

Public Sector

The Health Promotion Agency is aiming for a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025. With many Kiwis still refusing to kick the habit, the Agency decided to shift focus to the impact it has on others, including our pets.


Essano first launched into the NZ skincare industry with originality and promise. However, by 2019 with a drop in sales and a lack of brand recognition, it was time for a complete facelift.