NZ Marketing Team

The MA Accelerator

Marketing Association is introducing a new programme designed to support emerging marketing leaders to hone their skills before making their big step into a head role in the marketing.

Permission to personalise: Safeguarding your social media strategy

Targeting individuals through social media is a strategy marketers are increasingly good at – and one that pays off. But with privacy concerns and the need to remain relevant in a crowded market ever present, content producers can’t simply rest on the data. So, we engage social media experts to ask what makes for a winning strategy and discover insights from brands realising the results.

David Owen of oOh!media

Out-of-home outfit oOh!media is taking its smarts to the next level with the appointment of a new Research & Insights Director. Tasked with understanding the evolution of oOh!media’s consumers, the former Research Manager at TVNZ talks up the strengths of the sector and shares how he’s helping marketers overcome its challenges.

Crumbling Cookies

In January 2020 Google announced that third-party cookies would be phased out and by 2022/3 would no longer be available for companies to use. NZ Marketing spoke to the team at Together to get their take on what this means for marketers.