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What Kiwi Consumers Look For In Loyalty Programmes

Kiwi consumers shared with NZ Marketing and Toluna why loyalty programmes matter most to them and where they find value in subscribing to them.

A summary of the findings from the survey conducted by Toluna on behalf of NZ Marketing magazine are published in the September/October 2021 issue.

Ninety-two percent of respondents are members of at least one loyalty programme. Most (52 percent) don’t ever shop around for better benefits once they’ve joined a loyalty programme.

Seventy percent feel they’re getting some value/benefits (to a moderate to large extent) from their loyalty programme. However, the majority (53 percent) don’t feel that they’re getting properly recognised for all the data they’re sharing.

Here’s some more insight from the survey:

Which of the following loyalty programs are you a member of?    

Which of the below statement best describes why you use loyalty program?    

How willing would you be to pay for membership of a loyalty program?   

How willing would you be to join a free membership loyalty program?  

How much benefit do you think you are getting from being a member of a loyalty programme?  
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