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Kiwi Consumers Reveal Their Willingness To Share Data With Advertisers

NZ Marketing and Toluna have teamed up to bring you insights from Kiwi consumers on their privacy and personal data-sharing concerns, and what this means for your marketing.

A summary of the findings from the survey conducted by Toluna on behalf of NZ Marketing magazine are published in the September/October 2021 issue.

The survey conducted in August on a sample size of 540 national respondents, revealed that half of Kiwis (49 percent) are very or extremely concerned, with the biggest concern (76 percent) being that their personal data will get hacked/stolen.

Most respondents are willing to share lifestyle information on their interests/hobbies (54 percent) or entertainment choices, such as movies watched or games played (51 percent). 

Here’s some of the other insights gained from the survey:

Which of the following social platforms do you trust in storing your personal data?    

Imagine that you have shared your personal data with the brands, how confident are you that the brands can store it securely?   

Which of the below best describes how you think in terms of companies requesting personal data from you?    

Which of the following actions have you taken in the past 12 months to protect your data during online activities?    

How willing are you to receive targeted adverts based on your interests or browsing history?    

What is the reason that you are willing to receive targeted adverts?  
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