Coke Zero Sugar causes a fizz

A new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar recipe is about to hit the shelves replacing two other no sugar variations and simplifying the existing range. Will this change work in the company’s favour or does it risk losing a loyal customer base? 

Delivering the best of global and local

Kantar, a global full-service, data-driven insights and consulting company has integrated with Colmar Brunton – New Zealand’s most awarded market research firm. This significant investment combining the agencies’ global resources with local insights and experts, offers Kiwi businesses more reach and faster service when exploring their brand, advertising, customer experience and development strategies.

PR in a Time of Crisis

 In a world of uncertainty and constant disruption, businesses (both big and small), are increasingly looking to external guardians for their brands. Courtney Devereux explores how public relations practitioners are positioning themselves as agents of necessity and why the external comms sector might be better placed to help brands navigate crises. 

TBWA’s Catherine Harris on Creative Diversity

Catherine Harris is one of a handful of women leading the charge at a New Zealand-based creative agency. The CEO of TBWA\NZ, or the Disruption company, shares her impression of the country’s creative space, how she’s disrupting the market and what it takes to be a cultural engine for 21st century business.

Up-&-comer Jacqui Robins is Bang on Brand

Jacqui Robins is a creative spirit with a love for anything artistic. So, it’s no surprise that this Up & Comer helps tell the story of some of the country’s biggest, most creative media brands. She shares with Mollie Edwards her passion for radio and why she relishes the challenge of marketing in the media space.

Epic Experiences for Everyone

When it comes to digital B2B marketing, all that’s really required is the internet and a creative mind. And, while there’s a lot of commonalities between B2B and B2C marketing, those operating in each space will tell you, the tactics between the two are very different. Or are they? Monique McKenzie investigates. 

Media Strategy: Thinking Bigger

With the right mix of data smarts and future-focused media minds, MediaCom is helping brands better connect with consumers. Managing Director Zac Stephenson and Head of Strategy & Solutions Rikki Townsley explain why a ‘bigger picture’ approach to media planning is helping realise short- and long-term success for their clients.

The Future of Events

Live, virtual, hybrid, experiential – where are events headed in our new Covid-19 reality? Jonathan Cotton asks the question of marketers looking to leverage new technologies and (forced) trends so to maximise brand exposure and ROI.

Getting Strategic About Brand Positioning

Annie Dow has been in the brand design business for over 25 years, and is an advocate for using a brand’s positioning to help grow business. She’s made it her mission to share with people the value of design to all businesses – especially when it comes to strategic brand positioning.

How To Gain Better Consumer Insights

From real-time data, a quest for relevance and a move to online qual, NZ Marketing chats with Stephen Walker, Business Director, ANZ at Toluna who reveals the top five trends affecting the way New Zealand businesses and marketers will gain consumer insights in 2021.

Better Customer Experience: Art or Science?

Businesses who continue to elevate their customer experience offering from ordinary to extraordinary are triumphing over their competitors. But, while many brands talk a big CX game, many more still grapple with its implementation. David Nothling-Demmer asks what’s the big deal with CX as he maps out what Kiwi companies are doing to up their game.

Izis Weatherhead: Building the BK Brand

From tax law to ‘selling’ burgers, 2020 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards Young Marketer of the Year Finalist Izis Weatherhead is helping global fast food giant Burger King reach new customers. She sits down with NZ Marketing to share her thoughts on big brand marketing and her aspirations for the future.

Marketing Brand NZ to Kiwis

While much of the world is still under the grips of the pandemic, New Zealand is opening up for business – but with a difference. With our borders largely closed to the outside world, and in a country reliant on selling Brand NZ to foreign markets, Graham Medcalf asks how marketers have pivoted and repositioned their brands to appeal to Kiwis.

Marketing in a Downturn

Companies closing, staff being made redundant, employees taking pay cuts, this is the Covid-19 landscape. Graham Medcalf takes a look into what an economic downturn means for the marketing industry and what marketers need to do to adjust to the new reality.

Māori-led Marketing: A Lesson in Luxury Branding

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest art institutions, and the country’s largest art experience. Helping celebrate Māori artists at an upcoming exhibition, luxury brand specialist Tania Stoyanof is using Māori-led marketing strategy to help create exceptional experiences for art-lovers. She shares unique insight and lessons for marketers operating in the cultural space.

How Marketers Can Better Engage Gen Z

Generation Z, or Gen Z, now around college-leaving age, will over the next few years increase their spending power as they enter the job market. But their priorities, perspectives and interests aren’t the same as those of the Millennials that came before them, meaning brands need to be mindful of how they engage with this generation.