Mapping out now and next for your brand

There’s never been more noise in the marketing landscape, making even the most seasoned marketers question where to point their brand. helps challengers find their path to own today, and win tomorrow. Read on to explore how smart cookies can create brands that are ready for now and what comes next.

Liberating creative 

Technology has democratised the creative toolbox, and with so many of us growing up digitally native, the creative world has been massively disrupted. On top of that, the fragmented media landscape and maturing of social media has changed how we expect brands to show up.

We’ve been creatively liberated to explore multifaceted campaigns that can authentically connect with our audiences. We’re creating as many targeted niche campaigns as we are large-scale brand plays. As an integrated agency, at, we find ways to seamlessly marry creativity with data-driven insights. What’s more, effective targeted content doesn’t always require a hefty budget.

We’re already seeing how the tools become exponentially more powerful – how we use them next remains critical. Storytelling will always matter. Finding a truth and human insight that will connect will become more important for a brand challenging the norms.

As we look for cost efficiencies, smart, creative applications of new technology will distinguish the outliers that disrupt and build audiences. 

Stay in touch with the marketing tech 

It’s never been easier than it is now for a customer to switch, so you can’t underestimate the value of a solid retention strategy. A brand has a 65 percent greater chance of selling to an existing customer than a new one. In these economically challenging times, a retention strategy becomes a risk-mitigation strategy.

We’re helping a range of clients develop CX strategies that harness their existing customer base to engage, cross-sell and upsell, creating a foundation for future business growth.

What does ‘next’ look like? AI and machine learning will play crucial roles in delivering more personalised experiences by analysing vast amounts of data to understand individual preferences and behaviour. They’ll make those nurture journeys that much easier to maintain and tailor to the needs of individual customers.

Marketers will need to stay agile, adapt to changes, and embrace innovations that enable them to connect in more meaningful ways. 

Embrace media with immediate measurability 

We recognise the need for immediacy now and have revolutionised our approach with real-time live dashboards. These dynamic tools offer unparalleled visibility into campaign performance, identifying which levers are driving responses and empowering our teams to make informed decisions on campaign optimisation, resulting in success like never before.

But what lies ahead? Looking forward, the key to helping brands win tomorrow lies in connected campaigns that are more accessible and cost-effective than ever. We’re witnessing a shift in the advertising landscape, where integrated strategies seamlessly blend traditional and digital channels to create cohesive brand experiences.

Previously seen as a luxury for big-budget advertisers, connected TV is now within reach for brands
of all sizes, opening up a world of possibilities for smart brands to engage with consumers in a highly personalised and cost-effective way.

As an integrated agency with a focus on innovation and efficiency, is at the forefront of all this, harnessing the power of connected campaigns to deliver tangible results for our clients. The integrated approach not only maximises reach and impact but also ensures consistent and relevant creative messaging throughout the customer journey now, building a brand that’s ready for whatever comes next. 

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This was first published in the March/April 2024 issue

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