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Do you have the best brand strategists in country? Enter The BrandPro Challenge powered by Noel Leeming and be in to win a $10,000 tech package and bragging rights for all of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Marketing Association (MA) has just launched arguably one of the biggest promotions ever for Kiwi marketers – The Battle of the Brains.

Backed by NZ Marketing magazine, the online brand strategy competition will see marketing teams via the world-famous online BrandPro Business Simulation. Pitting the best marketing brains against each other on a level playing field, each team will be presented with the same set of conditions with the goal to analyse financial and marketing position, decide strategic direction (targeting, product, positioning, pricing strategies) and maximise the company’s share price index.

“With a clear focus on targeting and positioning, participants will oversee the marketing of two brands over the course of five simulated years. The simulation will test your ability to develop a good brand strategy and increase the value of your fictional company,” says John Miles, MA CEO.

Not only will the competition find the overall best brand strategists, but will identify which sector that takes top bragging rights. The competition also throws up a few other interesting sub competitions, including:

  • Who is going to win – North or South?
  • Will it be agencies or clients who come out on top?
  • Can NZ beat the world record score of 367?

The first battle is set to begin on October 12, so get in quick to be one of the first to take part in this unique challenge.

For more information on this exciting initiative, or to enter, click here.

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