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We chat to ReachMedia’s Head of Product Tim Macmillan and Digital Product Manager Johanna Cotter about what makes them the leaders of smart digital and letterbox solutions.

How does ReachMedia evolve to remain the industry leader?

We already have a rock-solid, data-led letterbox solution that’s consistently enhanced as new data sources become available. We’re always asking, “What’s next?” and looking at how we can better improve our clients’ ROI, better utilise our proprietary data capability and provide complementary offline/online solutions to ensure our customers are reaching their customers, irrespective of the media channel – a true multi-channel approach.

What are some of the unique benefits of ReachMedia Digital?

Johanna Cotter.

We’ve created one of the largest data pools in the New Zealand market, which allows us to truly understand our customers’ needs and provide the data smarts to ensure there’s minimal wastage when running a campaign, be it letterbox or digital. Being a data-led company, we can provide our customers with a uniquely targeted campaign strategy, without the fear of a ‘spray and pray’ approach. We know where their customers are, how they consume media and what demographic and behavioural profile they have. A key element of our USP is we can power targeted media campaigns across traditional and digital channels in unison, with each complementing the other. 

For a number of years, we’ve been developing our network of technology partners in New Zealand and offshore to deliver media and analytics solutions to Kiwi businesses. In the past six months, we’ve extended that partner network to bring a global DSP [demand-side platform ]and DMP [data management platform] solution to market that can speak to our extensive audience data sets and media products. It’s early days, but we’re building something pretty unique and powerful.

How can marketers and SME owners benefit from a more effective digital strategy?

Tim Macmillan.

It really depends on where our clients are in their digital journey. The thing that makes us different is we’re not just a digital media agency. We have a large, strong data team at Reach. Yes, we can buy and place digital media, but what we really do is help companies understand customers, their marketplaces and how to drive growth. One area we’ll be helping our clients with in 2021 and beyond is how to get control of their first-party data and put it to good use, post the ‘cookie apocalypse’.

Any results you’d like to share?

Our latest digital product iteration is super new to market, but our first campaigns are live and running across retail, charity and education verticals, and we’ve been very pleased with the early results. Of particular interest to us is the positive correlation between letterbox and digital marketing when targeted to the same audience in the same campaign. There’s a significant increase in digital engagement in households that receive physical and digital mail together, and we’re looking forward to publishing some stats about this when we’ve gathered more data.   

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