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The next frontier

As I enter a new chapter in life – parenthood – life as I know it is about to change. Change how? I don’t exactly know. Although, I am told that I can look forward to significantly reduced sleep, but it will be the most fantastic time of my life. Not very reassuring, especially for a person who likes to be in control of everything. But I guess that’s change for you.

Working on this issue of the magazine – themed around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its implications for the marketing profession – it’s clear that there’s still much unknown about the transformative power of AI, and what the future holds for the rapidly developing technology. 

One thing is clear however, the role humans, and indeed switched on marketers, play in the successful implementation of AI to deliver significant results. Read our informative feature on the subject from page 74 and discover new ways in which you can reach, communicate, interpret, and connect with customers.

Throughout the issue you will read about how the technology is infiltrating all aspects of marketing, from retail and loyalty programmes to programmatic and even political advertising. It’s no understatement that AI is certainly the next frontier of human/ tech development.

Despite all this advancement, what’s also interesting to see is the increasing importance marketers are placing on the traditional and human-to-human element of their work, and the need to be guided by traditional values. Interesting times ahead. Enjoy!

NZ Marketing June-July 2023 issue.

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