Deep in the data

A digital time capsule of Covid-19 data, The Delivery has put the facts on ice to protect future generations.

In an age in which the validity of information is contested and scepticism runs high, the significance of factual accuracy has never been greater. Collaborating with global health leaders CEPI, Gavi, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), New Zealand-based creative and technology studio Daylight has launched an ambitious endeavour to document the lessons and revelations of the global pandemic. 

Named The Delivery, the initiative is a digital time capsule preserving the findings of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, continuing the progress of the world’s health systems and preparing future generations, should they face another global health threat. 

Having already been viewed in more than 176 countries, The Delivery offers an engaging journey through this vital data. It includes photo essays from the front line, insightful analyses and detailed case studies on how vaccines were distributed worldwide, providing a comprehensive overview of this significant historical event.

A humble plastic box is modelled on the cold boxes that changed the course of history. Used to transport life-saving vaccines to the world’s most remote locations, they were a crucial tool carried across challenging terrain – snow capped mountains, expansive rivers and bustling urban centres. 

This digital cold box serves as the gateway to an immersive journey that showcases pivotal official findings. It includes strategic milestones and innovative breakthroughs related to vaccine logistics and distribution, and their implications for the future.

The cold box features prominently within the narrative of The Delivery and also plays a critical role in the campaign’s communications strategy, which is aimed at engaging the global health and science community.

Working with an international network of photojournalists and documentarians, Daylight crafted a launch film that depicts the emotional and arduous journey undertaken by front-line healthcare workers to deliver vaccines to remote and off-grid communities. This powerful narrative was launched and disseminated through the networks of CEPI, Gavi, UNICEF and WHO, and amplified by influencers within the global health sector. The campaign swiftly resonated on a broad scale, achieving more than 33 million impressions in the first month alone.

The data in detail 

The data found within this experience has been contributed to by hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide, offering a deep dive into the pandemic’s impact, with information about vaccination rates across nations, details on the financial implications of the pandemic, and insightful analyses on how lower income countries navigated their unique and substantial hurdles. Moreover, it brings to light the human experiences at the forefront of the pandemic and the monumental public health effort.

In collaboration with Dumpark’s data strategy experts, Daylight distilled each data set into rich visualisations that ensure the gravity of the stories is accessible and engaging for a worldwide audience. Released under a Creative Commons licence, every part of this platform can be republished by anyone, anywhere, including global news and media channels.

Building the experience

After aligning the narrative, design identity and data strategy, Daylight’s team embarked on the construction of the digital experience, paying thorough attention to the UX/UI design. This process was critical to ensure the extensive trove of information was both presented in an accessible manner and easy to navigate. 

With a keen focus on inclusivity, the studio’s development team dedicated themselves to custom-building the platform, prioritising rapid loading times and a smooth experience. This commitment was driven by the imperative to guarantee accessibility in all markets, including in regions where connectivity is a challenge.

Safeguarding our future

In partnership with CEPI, Gavi, UNICEF and WHO, The Delivery recognises the critical role historical insights play in charting a path forward, setting a global benchmark in the collective quest for health, understanding and innovation.

“We’ve had the privilege of working with WHO since the beginning of the pandemic,” says Daylight Client Services Director, Kristen Morris. “To produce this immense retrospective in partnership with CEPI, Gavi, UNICEF and WHO is a full-circle moment. 

“Although many of us have tried to leave behind the trauma of the pandemic, capturing this pivotal moment in history and working alongside these incredible agencies has highlighted the selfless efforts of the global health and science community,” she continues. “The Delivery has touched every single person in our business, and bringing this project to life has taken a huge amount of passion and dedication. To build a platform that’s available to everyone in the world to learn from is an extremely proud moment for us at Daylight.” 

This was first published in our March/April 2024 issue.

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