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Ebony Kitching

Recently landing the role of Agency Sales Manager at We are Frank, Ebony Kitching is a marketing whiz with a passion for advertising. Mollie Edwards sits down with this Up & Comer for a discussion on finding her feet in a somewhat daunting industry.

Only a few weeks into her Agency Sales Manager role, joining at a pivotal time in the midst of a global pandemic, Ebony Kitching is always looking ahead to how her team can add value for its clients and further develop agency connections so they can build relationships. 

“Given the current Covid-19 climate, it was important for me to work for a local company. Having worked with the team at We Are Frank in previous planning roles, I knew they had a strong reputation for creatively-led campaigns with a strong innovative mobile-first approach.”

Kitching says that her role as a digital specialist within the ad sales world is all about perspective. When responding to briefs, she highlights the importance of decoding what the client really wants and offering that in a way that will meet all objectives.  

“Ultimately, I know what it’s like to get bombarded with publisher requests so make sure that when reaching out to client’s I’m reaching out with a purpose.”

Kitching says a typical day in her role involves working with the creative team to put forward creative ad formats for her proposals, furthering agency relationships and going out to meet clients. “I try to be as proactive as possible for, proposing new formats for existing clients or coming up with creative solutions to onboard new ones.”

The fast-paced industry means that no one day is ever the same, and there is a constant variety of people and brands, which is something that Kitching loves about her job. Her most memorable account to work across as a new comer to the industry is, unsurprisingly, the international car behemoth, Mercedes. 

“From a digital perspective, they were always open to new and innovative formats. And now that I work publisher side, I really appreciate brands that are willing to test creative digital solutions outside of the box.”

Especially for up and comers, each role comes with its own set of challenges. Yet, Kitching says a promising aspect of the industry is that, typically, people are pretty understanding when you’re finding your feet. 

Even though she is only a few weeks into the role, she notes that the relationship between media and sales is often polarised by people who are not within the industry, and that is something that she notes should be challenged. Kitching believes even in her time within the industry she’s seen a strong evolvement in what it means to deliver unbeatable experiences to clients. 

“Afterall every client brief requires a unique response in which you would sell-in the best possible ideas for their brands.”

As the digital space evolves, she believes sales will be much of the same, however what will change are the processes and systems used. Adapting to ensure the industry is ahead of the game and up to speed with what’s available will become the primary focus. 

“The growth of mobile in the ad space is exciting and I feel privileged to be a part of the We Are Frank journey.”

When asked about her role in ten years’ time, she explains a need will always be there to harbour and foster great client relationships. Ones which she hopes will lead her to even more exciting projects and accounts down the track, continuing her upward trajectory. 

“I’m a strong believer of challenging yourself and always learning on the job. I hope that in ten years this will still be the same. I am certainly passionate about this industry, and I look forward to seeing what is to come.”

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