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TRA and ThinkTV team up to find Kiwis’ favourite TV ads

New Zealand’s favourite ads are in the spotlight thanks to a strategic partnership between leading insight and research agency TRA and industry body ThinkTV.

The collaboration will see TRA and ThinkTV regularly identify the most popular TVCs to help marketers unpack what effective advertising looks like for New Zealand audiences.

Jodene Murphy, GM of ThinkTV says ThinkTV’s objective is to help marketers and agencies get the most from their advertising investment by connecting them with the research and insight that demonstrates campaign effectiveness and results in the best commercial returns. 

“The critical role that TV advertising plays in generating commercial results for brands is well documented. But the right media choices are only part of the puzzle. There is so much data now to show that it is just as important to make great creative choices but it is much harder to quantify what makes a great creative choice. That’s why we wanted to work with TRA. They have such a deep understanding of market research and advertising effectiveness which means they not only can build a picture of what New Zealanders think and feel but using their Creative Edge framework they can also really get under the skin of what makes a TVC great.”

Carl Sarney and Jodene Murphy.

Carl Sarney, Head of Strategy for TRA says the company chose to partner with ThinkTV to continue learning about New Zealanders favourite TV ads to share these insights with stakeholders.

“By looking at the themes across the favourite ads, and speaking to the marketers behind those ads, we can share key learnings about how to craft remarkable, rewarding brand stories that get remembered and ultimately translate to sales results,” Sarney says.

“We’re sharing these insights to inspire marketers to use creative storytelling in the most effective way possible; plus who doesn’t love the healthy competition that a ranking brings.”

Results of the latest iteration of the Favourite Ads Survey conducted in April 2022, under the new partnership have just been finalised. A representative sample of more than 1,000 Kiwis, aged 18 to 60 years old were asked a simple unprompted question – “What’s your favourite ad on TV at the moment?” Participants were also asked why they liked the ad and how it made them feel.

“Through looking at the ads that make the favourite list we arrived at five key principles for creating popular and effective work. This is invaluable insight to share with brand marketers to ensure future ads are effective and yield commercial results,” says Sarney.

New Zealander’s top 10 favourite ads in April 2022.

Read more about New Zealand’s favourite ads, the key principles for creating popular and effective work and hear from the marketers who commissioned these ads here.

The Favourite Ads Survey, compiled by TRA and ThinkTV will be completed quarterly providing an annual project sample size of more than 4000 Kiwis. Results of the next survey will be released in September. 

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