One NZ teams up with Salesforce to streamline customer marketing

Global cloud software company, Salesforce, is teaming up with the country’s largest telecommunications company, One NZ to transform their marketing interactions with customers, business, and government connections across the country.

Following their rebrand in 2022 to focus on simplification and customer experiences, One NZ have teamed up with Salesforce to relook at their marketing systems.

As the telecommunications company continues to grow, One NZ are focused more than ever on creating more tailored, meaningful customer experiences in its simplest forms.

“Growing and bringing together different businesses was fantastic for the company, cementing us as a leading internet and mobile provider in the country. But it also meant acquiring several different data stacks, marketing systems and deployment tools from those businesses,” says One NZ’s Chief AI and Data Director, Summer Collins.

“This complexity not only made it challenging to provide customers with the personalised experiences they deserved, but also meant we had to train our people in different tools.”

With this in mind, One NZ found that working with Salesforce will help them build the future they want.

“It allows us to further enrich our view of the customer from a personalised marketing, privacy and customer service perspective,” says Collins.

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, One NZ will be able to orchestrate and improve end-to-end customer journeys across all touch points and personalise recommendations for new products and content through AI.

Since the agreement was confirmed in late October, One NZ has started decommissioning its other tools, migrating data, and unifying its customer engagement processes for a more efficient approach.

This centralised approach allows One NZ to accurately apply customer rules, maintain compliance with privacy requests, and categorise users by plan, services, and preferences, ensuring customers only receive content and communications relevant to them.

“Streamlining One NZ’s marketing technology systems is going to have profound efficiency and productivity benefits for the organisation, and deliver trusted, relevant communications to its two million-plus users,” says Hamish Miles, Salesforce’s NZ Managing Director.

Following this, One NZ will look further into other tools such as generative AI for improved streamlining.

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