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Fiji Unfiltered: Island nation becomes first country to join BeReal

Following increasing demand for more realistic social media content, Fiji has become the first country to join BeReal by launching its own account on the popular app.

The island nation has joined the latest social media phenomenon amid growing demand from social media users to see more honest and unfiltered content.

In fact, since 2019, data shows Instagram engagement has decreased by 44 percent, pointing to growing disinterest in the platform’s over-saturation of edited and retouched content. 

The proliferation of unrealistic content on social media channels has also been proven to cause mental health issues among users. A study of Instagram users revealed the app was associated with severe levels of depression and anxiety. Now more than ever, social media users are not only demanding more realistic content, but it’s also a necessary shift to move away from unhealthy social media habits.

Working with Fijian locals, the official Tourism Fiji BeReal account will upload one unedited post each day, giving would-be holidaymakers a reprieve from the overly saturated and often highly altered #travelporn on Instagram. The app challenges users to share a simultaneous snap using a smartphone’s front and back camera where users are unable to edit or filter the images, earning BeReal the title of the most authentic social media platform.

The BeReal account will showcase the truly special people and places that Fiji has to offer. Locals, renowned for their warm and welcoming nature, will be given the keys to the account to share a glimpse of the nation’s stunning vistas and views, and showcase the islands outside of the refined holiday resort lifestyle. 

BeReal is the latest social media platform gaining rapid popularity around the globe. Dubbed the ‘anti-Instagram’ for its unfiltered, unedited content, the app has been downloaded 28 million times. With 22 million active daily users, the app landed itself the number one spot in the US Apple App Store charts in July 2022, dethroning TikTok. 

“Beyond its stunning vistas, Fiji is also known for its people who radiate happiness,” says Brent Hill, CEO of Tourism Fiji.

“The platform gives us the opportunity to showcase those responsible for Fiji’s iconic ‘bula spirit’, the local desire to be kind and generous to everyone they meet. Our BeReal followers will be able to get a glimpse into the genuine beauty of Fiji and our people.” 

Emma Campbell, Tourism Fiji’s Chief Marketing Officer, says the team watched the rise of BeReal and felt its ethos aligned with Fiji’s.

“Both are authentic, genuine, and above all, real. BeReal will give us an opportunity to show people around the world that Fiji is truly paradise on earth, and it requires no filter.”

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