Reason launches People Playbook

Reason Agency has launched their People Playbook. Reason is a digital performance agency that prides themselves on their people-first philosophy. They have a huge focus on their people strategy and have been perfecting and evolving it since Tim Pointer and Matt Rowe founded the company in 2009.

Reason is shaking up the agency workplace stereotype by creating a business model that puts their team at the forefront of their decisions. Reason has long held a desire to share their ingredients with the world, not to brag, but in the genuine hope that others may steal some of their approaches, adapt or make them better for their workplaces.

Reason CEO, Tim Pointer, says: “Improving our people and culture has never stopped since we started 13 years ago. Of the hundreds of things we’ve tried and thrown out, we’ve kept a select few things that have worked. We’re excited to share these in the hopes we can speed up the process for businesses who put their people first and want to build the best workplaces in the world.”

Additionally, in the last 12 months, Reason has been an award finalist for:

Google Premier Partner Awards – Workplace Excellence
Gold Awards – Team Gold & Supporting Gold
Westpac Business Awards – Employer of the Year

If you are wanting to use some ideas or generally feel inspired about the future of workplace culture, Reason’s People Playbook is available to download from their website.

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