2022 Categories

The TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards are split into three categories: Excellence Awards, Short-Term Marketing Initiatives and the Individual Awards, with a total of 32 Awards being dished out across 30 categories.

Marketing Excellence Awards

The Marketing Excellence Awards recognise excellence in specific disciplines across different sectors. The Judges are looking for entries that demonstrate how effective marketing strategy has led to measurable results for a business/or brand.   

Excellence in B2B Marketing Strategy
Open to businesses whose products and services are directed toward other businesses – for example delivery companies, business software companies, business course providers and more. 

Excellence in Brand Transformation Strategy sponsored by One Picture
The judges are looking for the best example of where marketing identified and led to the transformation of a brand application that resulted in significant improvement for the business. This includes master brand, product or service strategy. 

Excellence in Consumer Products & Services Strategy
Open to companies whose main focus is to market and sell products and/or services for personal consumption by directly engaging and effectively influencing the consumers’ path to purchase. This can include companies specialising in non-FMCG consumer durables, appliances, consumer services, and packaged products etc. Note: you may not enter this if entered into the Excellence in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Strategy category.

Excellence in Data Insights Strategy sponsored by REACH
The judges are looking for the most outstanding example of a situation where customer/market data was used to provide insights to optimise marketing strategy and performance, design a product or service in fulfilment of a customer need, and/or address retention or acquisition strategy that leads to increase revenue and/or customer satisfaction.

Excellence in New Brand Development 
The judges are looking for the best example of commercial success from the creation of a new business, product or service or an entire brand to meet a market need/opportunity. Note: The brand/business must be less than three years old in order to be eligible.

Excellence in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Strategy sponsored by Cartology
Open to companies of all sizes that market products which are purchased on a regular basis, usually inexpensive, and the result of a low-involvement decision-making process Note: You may not enter this if entered into the Excellence in Consumer Products & Services Strategy category.

Excellence in Financial & Banking Marketing Strategy
Open to any organisation which provides the market with banking, securities, investments, loans, real estate, credit cards, insurance or other financial products or services. 

Excellence in Healthcare/Beauty Marketing Strategy
This category is open to entries from all healthcare, wellness, beauty and pharmaceutical providers, suppliers and resellers (e.g. gyms, haircare services and providers, pharmacy and natural health products, personal services, retirement homes etc.)

Excellence in Long-Term Marketing Strategy
This award recognises marketing excellence over a sustained period of no less than three years. The award will go to the company or brand that best demonstrates how a superior marketing strategy, consistently applied, has driven business improvement over time. Note: You are not eligible to enter the Excellence in Long-Term Marketing Strategy category if you have won this category in the past three years.

Excellence in Marketing Communication Strategy sponsored by NZME
This award recognises exceptional marketing communications strategy that has delivered brand and/or revenue outcomes. Judges will consider the communications strategy clearly linked to the target audience, channel planning, and strategic messaging, with a clear articulation of return on marketing expenditure.

Excellence in MarTech Strategy
This award recognises the successful adoption and use of marketing tools/technology that support the marketing team in meeting strategic objectives, and has clearly documented overall business benefits. 

Excellence in Not-for-Profit Marketing Strategy
Open to not-for-profit organisations/charities only, whose activities involve fundraising, community services or any other activities. Note: You may not enter this category if you have entered the Excellence in Public Sector/Government Marketing Strategy category.

Excellence in Public Sector/Government Marketing Strategy
Open exclusively to government departments and State-Owned Enterprises Note: You may not enter this if you entered into the Excellence in Not-for-Profit Marketing Strategy category. 

Excellence in Purpose Driven Marketing Strategy
The judges are looking for the entry that can best demonstrate how a company’s corporate social responsibility programme has been brought to life through its marketing activities. This can include a focus on sustainable growth, brands or campaigns built around a social or environmental issue, or any other purpose-driven marketing activity that has helped improve commercial performance, brand health and broader society. 

Excellence in Retail & e-Commerce Marketing Strategy sponsored by The Radio Bureau
Open to retail and business operations (digital or bricks and mortar) where the majority of revenue comes from direct purchase – for example supermarkets, online retailers, online insurance providers, fast food restaurants, and any other type of retail operations. 

Excellence in Sponsorship Strategy
This category honours and rewards outstanding partnerships of any kind (sports, arts, causes, individuals etc.) and is open to both the recipients of sponsorships and the sponsors themselves. Companies need to demonstrate synergy of the sponsorship with brand values/strategy and business outcomes. 

Excellence in Travel/Leisure & Entertainment Marketing Strategy  
Open to providers of travel and transportation services (e.g. airlines, hotels, car rental firms, mass transit systems), tourism providers, cultural attractions, sports, entertainment, venues and vacation properties. Retail and online travel agencies are also included in this category.

Excellence in Utilities/Communications Marketing Strategy
Open to communications and utility companies such as telecommunications carriers, electric/gas power companies, and Internet and broadband service providers. 

Short-Term Marketing Initiatives

Short-Term Marketing Initiatives recognise innovative and agile marketing. Judges are looking for examples of marketing initiatives that have identified short-term opportunities/challenges, and have created a specific initiative within a 12 month or less period that has produced measurable outcomes. Note: Only Short-Term Marketing Initiatives within the past two years qualify to enter.

Best B to B Marketing Initiative
Open to businesses whose products and services are directed toward other businesses – for example delivery companies, business software companies, business course providers and more.

Best B to C Marketing Initiative
Open to businesses whose products and services are sold directly to consumers – For example retail outlets, FMCG, consumer electronics, etc.

Best Data Driven Marketing Initiative
The judges will reward entries that demonstrate where customer/market data has been used to formulate a marketing initiative that resulted in outstanding business results.

Best In-House Marketing Initiative
The judges are looking for the best example of marketing initiatives/projects that were planned and executed by in-house marketing or creative teams. This could include real-time/social media marketing, branded content campaigns or innovative digital products/brands such as websites, chatbots, or CX/customer service solutions.

Best Not-for-Profit Marketing Initiative
Open to not-for-profit organisations/charities. This award is for the best fundraising or community service outcome e.g. planting trees, raising money, saving lives, building homes, funding research, etc.

Best Media Initiative
Open to entries from organisations who have media operations in the following industries: radio, television, newspaper, magazine and digital.

Best Public Sector/Government Marketing Initiative
Open exclusively to government departments and State-Owned Enterprises Note: You may not enter this if you entered into the Best Not-for-Profit Marketing Initiative category.

Best Marketing on a Shoestring Budget Initiative
The judges will be looking for the proven effect of a short-term initiative on the success of a business with a total marketing budget of less than $30,000. Note: Any contra deals need to be included in the budget.

Individual Awards

The Individual Awards recognise marketing professionals who have been instrumental in the overall marketing success of a business/brand, both in the short- and long-term.  

Up-&-coming Marketer of the Year sponsored by ThinkTV
An award open to those at the very beginning of their marketing careers. This will be awarded to the marketer, who with no more than two years’ marketing experience, and 3 years business experience, has been able to make a significant contribution to a marketing project or initiative within their company over the last 12 months. Note: Applicants need to be NZ residents at time of application.

Marketer of the Year sponsored by oOh!media
An award to recognise an exceptional marketing professional. The judges are looking for a marketing leader who has demonstrated success in a diverse range of marketing skills and competencies and has achieved outstanding results throughout his or her marketing career, with an emphasis on measurable achievements in the past 12 months.

Marketing Team of the Year sponsored by Stuff
This award recognises the marketing team that has been instrumental to the success of their organisation. Reinforced by measurable results, demonstrate how your team’s collaborative and strategic approach to marketing has helped transform the performance of your business, within the past 12 months. 

Marketing Hall of Fame sponsored by TVNZ
An award for individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the New Zealand marketing industry, who have distinguished themselves in marketing and/or related fields; contributed to the betterment of marketing and its reputation; individually motivated others to excel by mentoring, inspiring, training or volunteering; and completed their primary careers.

Best of Awards

Overall winners from the Marketing Excellence and Short-Term Initiative categories.

Best Overall Short-term Initiative
Overall winner from the Short-Term Marketing Initiatives.

Supreme Marketing Excellence Award sponsored by TVNZ
Overall winner from the Marketing Excellence Awards.