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Leading provider of digital content solutions, VideoTaxi, is revolutionising the way content is created, managed, and distributed. Newly appointed CEO Isobel Kerr-Newell sheds light on the workings of the platform, its growth, and its future prospects.

You have been quoted as saying that VideoTaxi has looked at every single pain point in the content creation experience and replaced it with something that works better. What does that process involve?

Our focus as a business is on removing friction from every step of the digital content creation process, providing clients with an efficient way to deliver high-volume, high-quality content every day. Clients purchase the subscription package that best fits their business needs, paying upfront or monthly. We partner them with a dedicated digital content producer, (we call a ‘cabby’) who becomes an integrated part of their team.

Our cabbies are amazing Swiss-army knives of hybrid talent who cover the full creative process end to end. A client interacts with a single producer for the duration of their subscription and that means we can build an intimate knowledge of how the client works and what they really want with minimal briefing time and quick turnarounds. Clients also have access to our in-house studio and all of the latest production equipment as part of their subscription, meaning no hidden costs. They only pay for the hours used and we provide transparent reporting along the way. All of the content is then securely stored in a client-dedicated ‘data garage’, freely accessible at any time. The customer experience is on a continuous development path, but our goal is to become a true partner for our clients, not just removing the pain-points, but making it enjoyable too.  

You have talked about your desire to develop a truly future-facing video communications business. What will this look like? 

When VideoTaxi was created, its mission was to help navigate clients through the exploding need for video content that was happening at the time. As we evolved into the digital content company we are today, our focus became ensuring we provide clients support for what’s coming next. We are taking a more holistic approach to their communication needs, whether we at VideoTaxi can meet all aspects, or we are better to partner to provide the client with the best available non-video production elements. Creative automation and AI are key areas of interest, as is the addition of new technologies and capabilities into the business. Naturally, we then apply our unique VT approach to the delivery of these tools to continue to make the adoption seamless, effortless and efficient.  

Where do you see yourself in the agency ecosystem? Are you competing with the creative agencies or big production houses now? 

Not at all. We see ourselves as a digital content partner – to complement and amplify the work of either a client directly or as part of an integrated agency community. We are low on ego, big on results and don’t stress about patch protection. We already work with many of the best agencies in the market in this way, helping deliver the quality and volume today’s campaigns require, ultimately making our clients more successful.  

What expansion plans do you have in mind for VideoTaxi? 

We currently provide a nation-wide service for clients. However, as our business has grown it’s becoming critical to have more ‘boots/heels on the ground’. So, as well as building out our capabilities to ensure we are fighting fit for the future, we will be launching our Wellington branch later this year and a South Island location shortly after that. We are also working on an Australian launch as so much of our business is now on both sides of the Tasman. More to be announced on that soon. It’s such an exciting time to be
part of VT! 

Contact Isobel via email at [email protected] or visit videotaxi.co.nz for more information.  

This article was originally published in the March/April 2023 issue of NZ MarketingClick here to subscribe.

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