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Boutique retail media owner Hypermedia repackages its national media network to offer brands unique access to holidaying audiences across New Zealand.

Established 10-years ago with a vision to ‘turn shoppers into buyers’, Hypermedia saw a gap in the Out of Home (OOH) market and moved quickly to fill it. The retail media owner has developed a unique range of channels for FMCG and grocery brands to increase their sales in areas not normally on the radar of marketers and media buyers.   

In this time, Hypermedia has developed a range of poster and digital media channels in over 1,600 retail locations across New Zealand, with a specific focus on prime retail networks including billboards in close proximity to supermarkets and shopping centres. Literally priming consumers on their final path to purchase.

Adam McGregor General Manager at Hypermedia says that by doing this, the company has been able to generate increases as high as 700 percent through a mixture of clever, creative and highly targeted media.  

“One of our clear USPs is that we are hyper local at scale. Our 1,600 plus locations are all fundamental parts of each local community, providing essential services for the local population as well as people passing through,” McGregor says.

Summer sightings

It is this ‘passing through’ aspect that McGregor says is the focus of his company this Summer with the launch of Holiday Hotspots. Advertisers will now be able to deliver Summer focused messaging to audiences in popular holiday destinations including Paihia, Mount Maunganui, Whangamata, Taupo, Napier, Nelson, Wanaka and Queenstown.

McGregor says that the ability to offer networked advertising opportunities in these locations is another unique proposition. “Out of Home advertising is typically focused on areas of the country that have access to the most people, most of the time. It doesn’t make commercial sense for the big Out of Home players to deploy expensive media technology in highly seasonal locations,” he says.

So then why should marketers consider these holiday hotspots in their OOH media planning? Simple, says McGregor, local populations in New Zealand holiday hotspots increase dramatically every Summer. “Anyone visiting the Coromandel can tell you this from personal experience.

“Local populations commonly triple as millions of Kiwis hit the beaches, lakes and mountains. Waihi Beach population increases from 1,773 into 16,000 over Summer; Coromandel businesses base their whole business plan on the Summer rush with the population booming from 27,500 to 126,000,” he says.

This year, McGregor expects to see these numbers increase further due to the travel restrictions placed on the country as a result of Covid-19.

“There are precious few media opportunities for advertisers to reach people and drive sales in many holiday hotspot locations, which is one of the reasons why Hypermedia targeted these locations as part of our Eyeline Digital and Poster network development. Our Eyeline channels will capture many of these people in an open mindset, searching for products and receptive to messages. Our environments offer high dwell time too, adding opportunity to connect and engage with people in a unique way. Our digital formats offer full motion video capability without the restrictions of a roadside environment so content on Eyeline digital can really captivate people.”

A selection of brands Hypermedia have worked with in 2020 so far include Amplify Kombucha, Tasti, Havana Coffee Works, Forty Thieves, Tom & Luke, Redbull, V, Vodafone, Spark, Skinny and 2degrees.

The team works closely with their clients to analyse sales data that uses privacy compliant audience tracking software to understand the average dwell times and demographic breakdown of customers. This has enabled them to develop a small library of case studies to show the positive impact on sales and changes in behaviour that they can deliver.

“We’ve implemented a range of cost-effective poster and digital solutions across around 400 seasonally desirable locations to give brands the ability to shift their focus, increase their relevance and maintain a positive sales trajectory throughout the holiday season,” McGregor concludes.

Hypermedia’s Holiday Hotspot packages are available to advertisers now. Contact [email protected] for more information.

In association with Hypermedia.

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