Hall of Fame 2023 – Andrew Stone

Long-time ad-man Andrew ‘Rocky’ Stone is the 2023 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards Marketing Hall of Fame Inductee. He shares with us highlights from his +40 years in the industry.

Andrew started his career out at Colenso then headed to London to work at Saatchi & Saatchi in 1988. He was put on the Board in 1990, only to return to NZ to become GM then MD of Saatchi’s NZ in 1991. He then set up Generator in 1996 later selling the business in 2000. He then returned to Saatchi NZ as CEO in 2004 for a five year stint before setting up Droga5 in NZ. In 2012 he set up TwoViews with his wife Nicki as Business Advisors to NZ CEOs. The pair have since worked with the CEOs of Lotteries, Telecom/Spark, Fonterra, Foodstuffs, Vodafone/One and others. 

What has been a career highlight you are most proud of?

Transitioning to CEO strategic advisor by realising the unique combination of maximising the powers of commercial objectives, consumer needs and creative magic.

What’s a standout campaign/ brand you’ve worked on?

In 2004, Saatchi’s biggest client, Telecom wasn’t happy. We worked with Theresa Gatting, Simon Moutter and Kevin Kenrick to produce the much loved  “Are you coming with us?“ T3G campaign. Its significance to me was it was pivotal to turning a “failing“ Telecom into winners that turned the tables on Vodafone. 

What excites you about marketing and advertising currently?

The power of combining commercial, consumer and creativity.

Any standout influential people you’ve worked with during your time in advertising?

My wife, Nicki, for 27 years of giving me great ideas (that I can then claim), challenging what we’re doing and going on an amazing journey together. Simon Moutter, for showing me the power of genuine strategy, great execution and a humble approach. Finally, Kevin Roberts, for his love of brands, strong views and giving me amazing opportunities (as my client and as my boss).

Which brands are doing great things when it comes to their marketing?

Starlink for redefining the global network experience to make it easier. Toyota NZ for staying true to delivery across multiple stakeholders for over 30 years. One NZ for unleashing a powerful NZ spirit.

You say you love working with those who are committed to imagining what an incredible future looks like – what does this look like for you?

Seeing CEO leaders gaining the uplift of the combination  of commercial imperatives, consumer needs and creative magic. 

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