Excellence in Healthcare/Beauty Marketing Strategy

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s award-winning marketing strategy for its obstructive sleep apnoea treatment mask, Evora Full, is a blend of innovation, creativity and cross-functional collaboration.

Waking up to success

By aligning its marketing strategy with the overarching business objectives, F&P Healthcare succeeded in capturing the number one position in the market and establishing themselves as a leader in the healthcare industry.

F&P Healthcare’s obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) business focuses on creating masks that are used by patients at night to treat a life-threatening condition where the airway collapses while they sleep. Currently the third largest mask manufacturer globally, F&P is a challenger to two much larger brands.

The marketing strategy for Evora Full was designed to deliver on F&P Healthcare’s mission of providing “Care by Design.” The company aimed to create highly differentiated masks, strengthen relationships with medical equipment providers, encourage patients to choose F&P masks, achieve commercial success, and gain a larger share of the US market. The strategy focused on making Evora Full the go-to offering in the Under-the-nose (UTN) Full-face mask category, thus enhancing the overall business goals.

The marketing strategy addressed two critical business problems: convincing medical equipment providers that Evora Full was a breakthrough mask and overcoming patient apprehension about trying masks.

For some patients, the masks made them feel old and unattractive, and got in the way when sharing the bed with a significant other.

By conducting extensive research and analysis, F&P Healthcare gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by equipment providers and patients. These insights formed the foundation for the marketing approach, which emphasised performance and attractiveness of Evora Full while substantiating the claims with scientific evidence.

Launching Evora Full during a time with few new patients due to Covid-19 protocols and supply chain constraints posed significant challenges. To generate pre-launch hype and capture the attention of equipment providers, the marketing team employed creative channels, inducing fear of missing out (FOMO), and creating pre-launch demand.

The success of the marketing strategy was a result of effective cross-organisational collaboration. Market insights, clinical research, product development, quality, regional sales managers, US leadership, and international sales offices played essential roles in ensuring the seamless implementation of the strategy.

The marketing strategy for Evora Full delivered exceptional results, exceeding all financial goals, growing market share, and winning the trust of medical equipment providers. The marketing team succeeded in generating significant patient interest by showcasing Evora Full as an attractive and compact product that delivered a natural sleep experience. The campaign’s performance surpassed expectations, with high click-through rates and impressions.

Through meticulous planning, cross-functional collaboration, and innovative approaches, F&P Healthcare solidified its position as a market leader and improved the lives of countless patients. The success of this strategy is sure to influence the company’s future marketing and empower them to continue making a significant impact in the healthcare industry.

Excellence in Healthcare/Beauty Marketing Strategy

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Marketing Initiative:
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare – Experience Full Performance

Marketing Partners:
Beehive Creative, A Perfect Curve Creative, Borderless

Judges’ Comments:
A refreshing approach to see both audiences – customers and the end user – addressed. A particularly complex and challenging market – with a high price to getting it wrong – with success driven by focusing on key insights.

Hato Hone St John Aotearoa New Zealand, Oceania

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