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To combat the decline of the Rangitikei Free Range Chicken line in a market that was too samey, TEGEL NEW ZEALAND set out on a mission to reinvent the line to fit consumer behaviours and stand out from the crowd. 

Winner, winner chicken dinner

Transforming a brand that has been in the industry for over 15 years is difficult, however necessary for Tegel’s Rangitikei Free Range Chicken line. Redesigned to future-proof the brand in light of the mainstream commitment to sustainability, the company took on a new marketing strategy to get its new message across. 

Entering the market 18 years ago, the Rangitikei Free Range Chicken line joined the industry as one of the few brands that offered free range chicken, but overtime, the industry was samey, with the chiller section in supermarkets becoming cluttered with little differentiation by 2021.

To avoid being delisted by retailers and already on a decline, the Tegel team took it upon themselves to revitalise the brand by and kickstart new growth. 

Upon research, Tegel New Zealand changed tack and tapped into the frozen section which it believed was an underexploited category, as well as boosting its sustainability measures.

Transforming the brand with the introduction of new packaging, and new innovative products at a value price point, Tegel New Zealand set about reinventing the line.

The ‘We make it good, you make it great’ campaign launched in August 2021, pushing Rangitikei as a premium line authentic in animal welfare and delivering innovative new flavours such as their Korean Style Chicken with Gochujang Sauce. 

In order to get the message across to consumers, Tegel New Zealand convinced retailers that its frozen line is different to the rest of the market. The brand started working with retailers early, presenting early product concepts and uniqueness while also showing the potential of growth for the brand. 

Working with a new innovative flavours like the Korean Style Chicken with Gochujang sauce, Tegel New Zealand hit a roadblock as it faced health and safety obstacles, forcing the brand to think outside the box. 

The result? Tegel New Zealand saw an immediate step up in brand awareness, consideration and preference towards the Rangitikei Free Range Chicken line. 

Immediately, the brand became cemented in shoppers repertoire’s. Rangitikei Free Range Chicken was able to strengthen its brand perception compared to previous years. 

Within six months of the relaunch, the Rangitikei Free Range Chicken line was able to sweep the top five spots in sales value, proving the growth of the frozen free range category in supermarkets. The market share for Rangitikei’s frozen market share was able to turn things around after several years of decline. 

Amongst the supermarket sector, Rangitikei Free Range Chicken has become the fastest growing free range brand in butchery in the past six and 12 months. 

The success has also led to Foodstuffs North Island, South Island and Super Value Fresh Choice transitioning from their preferred private labels to using Rangitikei Free Range, growing the distribution. 

Tegel New Zealand’s successful campaign at relaunching the Rangitikei Free Range Chicken line demonstrates the power of authentic messaging instead of a sustainable proposition to compete in a market that was all too similar.  

Excellence in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Strategy

Tegel New Zealand

Marketing Initiative
Rangitikei Free Range Chicken – We Make it Good, You Make it Great

Marketing Partner
Dentsu Aotearoa

Judges’ Comments
“Winner, winner chicken dinner! Fantastic example of end-to-end marketing. Great demonstration of past learnings, gathering of insight and development of strategy. A full marketing mix response that overcame significant challenges.”

J.H. Whittaker & Sons; Rockit Global

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