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How analytically mature is your digital marketing? NZ Marketing in association with Absolute Analytics is asking digital marketers to share with us their experiences with data management and web analytics in relation to their marketing efforts. Complete our simple 10-minute survey and share with us the challenges, opportunities and hopes for your digital marketing.

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There has been many changes in the past year when it comes to digital marketing and the way in which marketers interact with, collect and manage customer data. Think Covid-19 and the digital marketing drive for instance. A recent study by Bank of America and Forrester revealed that e-commerce jumped up to a 33 percent market share from 16 percent in 2019. If you are a brand or retailer, you are still probably suffering from the whiplash this caused on your marketing plans, retail stores, and even websites. That’s 10 years of predicted growth in three months. Had marketers seen this coming, how much would they have invested in their digital presence and infrastructure?

During this time, customers have also wanted more and more personalisation while simultaneously demanding more and more privacy online. Third-party tracking across devices and domains is being phased out to fit in with new government led guidelines. More than ever, brands will need to develop better Second- and First-party data strategies and automation to serve their customers, meeting higher expectations, with less accessible data or losing out to competitors.

Countless software tools are being created to serve this newly forming Marketing Stack, but which tools are good for what? Do marketers need a CRM, ETL, CDP, TMS, DMP or Data Warehouse on top of my web analytics tool? And does anyone really know what those acronyms stand for?

To get a better sense of how marketers are dealing with all this change, NZ Marketing in association with Absolute Analytics have created a survey that will speak to a broad selection of digital marketers on both client and agency side to gain insight into their understanding of digital marketing terms relating to data and analytics management; assess the main challenges they are facing; and get a sense for the top solutions marketers are looking to employ to counter these challenges.

We want to understand:

  • Who are the biggest winners and losers in this recent shift to digital?
  • What proportion of marketers in New Zealand are likely to be affected by the loss of third-party cookies and who has a workable strategy for first- and second-part data.
  • What tools marketers in New Zealand are using, how they are using them and whether they are getting value from them.
  • Where everyone fits on the analytics maturity curve – how advanced are New Zealand marketers?

We’re looking to survey the general marketer in New Zealand and find out how, with all this disruption how we’ve faired, what plans do you have for the future to counter these threats and operations, which tools are we looking to use and which ones have we tried and recommend. The results will be anonymous, but the insights will serve everyone by benchmarking our current progress and sharing trends. We can move forward together and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.

This Survey is now closed. The results will be expertly analysed and published in the June/July 2021 issue of NZ Marketing.

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