Best B2C Marketing Campaign 2023

With the cost-of-living crisis and climate concerns, Kiwis are struggling to make sustainable choices while staying warm in their homes. ANZ set out to enable them to do both. 

Understanding that around 79 percent of its customers care highly about climate change but are hesitant about making sustainable choices in times where the cost-of-living is rising, ANZ wanted to help.

To combat both of these issues, ANZ set about to empower Kiwi homeowners to make sustainable home upgrades, that are both good for the environment and good for
the pocket. 

ANZ introduced the Good Energy Home Loan, a finance solution at a discounted interest rate, allowing Kiwis to make energy efficient upgrades, prompting them to take their first steps to sustainability. 

Through this new loan, ANZ hoped to tackle the 30 percent of Kiwi homes that are poorly insulated and the 20 percent that are damp. 

With this, ANZ hoped to help Kiwis upgrade their homes to be warmer and drier all while saving money and making and caring for the environment.

To launch the new home loan, ANZ started the ‘For the Planet and the Pocket’ marketing campaign that
ran across digital, Out-of-Home (OOH) and bespoke electric vehicle (EV) placements.

The bank was also able to use its brand family characters, ‘The Sharmas’ for TV advertisements to spread the message. 

As a way to make it more accessible, ANZ also created guides which provided not only the bank customers, but Kiwis the information and resources to understand how to make changes in their home to reduce their carbon footprint. 

When it comes to campaigns targeted towards making sustainable choices, ANZ didn’t want to be another company perceived to be greenwashing and the bank wanted to show that it were authentic about its intent. 

The ANZ Good Energy Home Loan had a top up interest rate of only one percent per annum fixed for three years, which the bank saw as a “radical innovative solution” as a way to drive lending targets and make sustainable finance more accessible. 

ANZ was able to provide 2,500 Kiwi households with Good Energy Home Loans, costing more than $100 million. This figure is 100 percent of their initial target. 

The banks guides on the ANZ website received over 183,000 page views and the TV campaign, ‘Sameer’s Why’ became New Zealand’s third favourite ad in March 2023. 

ANZ attributes the success of the campaign to the combination of understanding its customers and culture to sell its impactful and powerful product the right way. 

Best B2C Marketing Campaign


ANZ Bank New Zealand 

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ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

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Judges’ Comments

A strong campaign that was well executed first to market and had clear alignment to the company brand strategy. A great example of how the planet and the pocket can work together in a purpose driven and authentic campaign. 


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