Whittaker’s takes top spots as NZ’s most trusted brands unveiled

The 24th Annual Most Trusted Brands survey, as declared by Reader’s Digest, has revealed a crucial insight regarding brands: the ability to maintain trust in the face of economic hardships necessitates innovation, adaptability, and most importantly, excellence.

Whittaker’s is testament to this, winning Most Trusted Confectionery, Most Trusted New Zealand Iconic Brands and Most Trusted Of All Brands Surveyed. The brands success is due to actively engaging with its community of chocolate lovers and integrating their feedback and ideas into its business strategy. 

Louise Waterson, Editor-in-Chief of Reader’s Digest, says the winning brands have succeeded due to their focus on innovation and customers. Despite facing challenges such as the pandemic and high inflation, these brands have regrouped and worked harder to earn customer trust by catering to their evolving needs. To capture customer attention and reinforce their commitment to growth, many brands have adopted new and exciting rebranding strategies.

“For award-winning brands, the complex challenges created by the current economic environment has only reinforced their determination to work harder to retain the trust of their current customers and attract the trust of new ones. Trusted brands have remained consistent, reliable and value-for-money—while also cleverly improving and expanding their existing practices to suit their customers’ needs and concerns.”

Reader’s Digest commissioned independent market research company Catalyst Consultancy & Research to survey New Zealanders’ opinions on leading brands across 71 categories. With the survey now in its 24th year, a total of1700 New Zealanders of a mixed demographic were asked to rate their levels of trust in well-known brands.

The Top 20 Most Trusted Of All Brands – across all categories surveyed:

1.   Whittaker’s                                                            11. Dettol

2.   Hato Hone St John                                             12. Anchor

3.   Mitre 10                                                                  13. Arnott’s

4.   Canon                                                                    14. Panadol

5.   Resene                                                                  15. Fisher & Paykel

6.   Toyota                                                                    16. Dilmah

7.   Tip Top                                                                  17. Sleepyhead

8.   Samsung                                                               18. Yates

9.   Mainland                                                                19. Weber

10. Cookie Time                                                          20. Huntley & Palmers

The full list of the 2023 New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brands Awards winners can be seen here.

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