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The Great Reopening: Andrew Cooper of Electric Kiwi

oOh!media and NZ Marketing magazine continue with ‘The Great Reopening’ series – a focus on New Zealand’s Recovery and the return to life Out of Home – as we chat with Andrew Cooper, CMO at Electric Kiwi.

In this series we seek to gain insight into how esteemed marketing leaders in New Zealand are planning their roads to recovery, and get their views on what lies ahead.

Here’s what Andrew has to say…

What are the emerging trends impacting your industry as we approach the great reopening? 

I think a lot of companies are worried about employee churn, but elasticity of talent could be a good thing for businesses with more to offer, so we are not too worried about this. Unrelated – digital marketing continues to change, it is now very crowded, fragmented and harder to measure. Somewhat ironically, we now need to rely on more traditional assessment to understand the value of investment. The death of cookies will not materially change the influence or the value of our investments, just the measures – from my perspective the balance shift from data to art is probably reflective of the reality we always faced in terms of efficacy.

How will your approach to consumer engagement change with summer on the way?

We are starting to see a lot more division than we are used to in New Zealand. So, I like the idea of focussing on what brings us together.

How do you think the marketing industry will adjust to the new normal? 

There is no such thing. I think good marketing teams are comfortable at the bleeding edge, and thrive with change. Every new thing is an opportunity to connect with the public, the fun bit is figuring out how.

In a crowded market, how important do you think it is to integrate channels and campaigns

Very important if channels are an important part of your sales engine. But we don’t worry about this, we focus on how we make people feel.

How have your marketing/business priorities changed? 

In New Zealand we have always tried to be authentic. The approach has been powerful and created sustainable meaning for our people and customers. I think our approach to business is more fitting now than ever.

How are you celebrating our summer of freedom? 

For the business, we are launching new creative that is all about individuals sharing a moment. I think togetherness is something we could all use right now. As for the team, we will be taking some time out. We’ll be thinking about how we make things better over a swim though.

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Andrew Cooper is a Marketer of the Year Finalist in the 2021 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards. You can watch our Virtual Awards Show right here on December 2 at 12pm.

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