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Digital Communications

Sending transactional documents by email sounds easy, but it’s a minefield for the uninitiated. Leading the way in digital communications, Cumulo9 is helping safeguard consumers while optimising CX.

Deliverability, security and risk is top of mind for businesses when it comes to their digital communication. Yet, according to Validity, 17 percent of emails failed to reach the inbox in 2019 with poor deliverability causing significant issues for businesses .

Cumulo9 manages a large proportion of New Zealand’s everyday transactional email volume, and as CEO Chris Hogg explains, advancements in technology require that businesses keep up-to-date with best practices. “Across New Zealand nearly 60 percent of enterprise email volume is now opened on mobile devices. This is up from around 40 percent just five years ago. In addition, sending PDF attachments is no longer best practice, as the emails are far more likely to get blocked. We are now seeing a trend by enterprises to deploy portals where customers can see their documents all in one place. A notification email containing a URL provides the navigation to the appropriate document.”

Tech on trend

Cumulo9 are a digital communications business at the forefront of the rapidly changing communications landscape. “We are continually evaluating new software, building relationships with key industry players, and investing ahead of the market.” says Hogg. “For example, we see HTML5 as the next big thing for digital communications as the technology opens up the opportunity for true bi-directional conversations. Having interactive documents that contain features like tabs, dynamic graphs and sliders is very compelling. HTML5 based communications also create the opportunity to incorporate Digital Agents or Chat-bots, to drive customer experience (CX) even harder.”

Another trend being supported by Cumulo9 is the need for businesses to track and report on customer journeys within an organisation. “It doesn’t matter if you are a utility, bank, insurance business or Government entity; having a single, shared view of what’s going on at an individual customer level is critical if you are going to drive CX improvement.  We see meeting rooms plastered with Post-it notes representing linear collective customer journeys, however cloud-based software is now available that displays the information at an individual level and links the data to the actual customer interactions.”

As well as having email solutions dealing with transactional, office and campaign management, Cumulo9 represent Quadient, a global leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM). This new category is now recognised by leading agencies as a critical enabler for businesses wanting to deliver enhanced CX through their transactional interactions, such as through bills and statements, notices and other advices. 

Cumulo9, a major force in digital communications in New Zealand, has tended to stay under the radar, as often their solutions are re-sold by service providers. “Our clients value the advice and guidance that we bring to the table. For example, email delivery is critical for transactional communications and our clients enjoy our contractual commitment to an email delivery rate of 99.5 percent,” explains Hogg.

Not only are businesses having to deal with growing consumer expectations, such as being recognised as individuals; they are also having to mitigate risk and understand the growing regulatory environment such as compliance to GDPR, data security and privacy requirements.

“Businesses are recognising the challenge to stay on top of this growing complexity and as a consequence we are seeing more partnering with specialist service providers like Cumulo9,” advises Hogg.

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