Starting Up a Marketing Plan? Why Your Website Comes First

Content and your website

Forget last year, 2021 is finally here and you’re ready to make a splash with that shiny new marketing strategy. Having identified your goals and researched the market, you’ll be keen to dive straight into some well-chosen tactics – top of which should be your website.

Following 2020, it’s likely an even larger bucket of your budget will be poured into digital, yet there are still plenty of channels to consider. Before you rush toward the sales, PR, or social slides, read this article to consider the base of all great campaigns – your website. 

“Websites are versatile marketing tools that work around the clock to help you communicate with your audience and grow your business.” MailChimp

People want to google your business

As soon as you start making waves with your new business idea, curious connections will want to investigate, and chances are they’ll navigate through a search engine toward your website. Most marketers know that applying good practice search engine optimisation techniques can dramatically increase findability, website traffic, and conversion rates, yet often it’s forgotten in the early stages of website design and can become a major rework project down the track. Take advantage of the free advertising space organic search results provide and create a website designed for great user experience from the beginning. For location-based businesses, setting up your Google My Business listing is a great place to start. 

You need one central destination linking all other marketing activity

Your website is like the main pool in your marketing machine – where all slides drop-off and chlorine levels are measured. With a website, you’ll have a central destination to direct all other channels. Whether you’re offering promo codes at an exclusive pool party pop-up, taking advantage of holiday sales campaigns, or challenging followers to a summer photo contest, your website is the place you’ll want to direct people to so they can find out more information. This makes it clean and easy to centralise performance stats and data collection with a connection to Google Analytics. 

A website shows ‘em you mean business

A website shows people you are investing to make your idea a success. Like a shop front for a brick and mortar business, a good digital impression can help build trust with customers and convince them of your capabilities. Part of this is in the visual design and branding, and another large part is in the usability of the site and value of your content. Some things to consider are your content architecture, and page layout. For example, you’ll want to include clear keyword-focussed headings on product pages and ‘benefit-ful’ copy on landing pages

Whatever business you’re starting-up in 2021, make a splash with a killer website. This will help potential customers to find you and begin developing trust with your brand. Plus, you’ll benefit from the centralised nature of communications and data insight. Ready to get started?

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