Brand keystrokes*: Digital advertising to watch

Examples we love of brand building using digital tools and platforms.

What follows is a creative pilgrim’s snapshot of brand work in New Zealand that leverages digital tools and platforms to build brand equity.

Trademe’s ‘In with the new’

I am completely smitten with Trade Me’s campaign. They had me as soon as I heard those opening bars from the unhappy flautist.

The creative idea is wonderfully elastic – Trade Me in with the new. Combine this level of creativity and craft with powerful media technology and data, and Trade Me is one of the brands to watch.

Best of all, they celebrate new homeowners. An excellent example of a brand feedback loop.

ASB’s Ben and Amy

This campaign makes me feel good and it seems others agree. The campaign idea is extremely clever brand storytelling as this brand narrative can unfold over time on multiple platforms.

The characters become part of the social psyche of New Zealand and can weave in relevant ASB products and sponsorships as they as they move through life’s major stages. From first car, first child, first house. You get
the idea.

Attention to narrative detail in the copy on social hooks people into the brand story.

This is a good example of creating future demand for your brand. Hat tip to the grand wizard of brand smarts, James Hurman, and his new book Future Demand. This should be prescribed reading for all marketing managers.

Kathmandu’s ‘Summer Never Sleeps’ music and video are brand catnip

This branded content video had me grinning like a Cheshire cat after too much caffeine. Set to an ingenious 70s Brazilian track by Tom Zé – Jimmy, Renda Se, its craft gives the campaign that stickiness brand factor. 

Being selected as part of Vimeo’s ‘Best of the Year’ 2022 list is a double emoji thumbs up for brand equity.

See page 44 for a behind the scenes look at this campaign via Special.

Immersive storytelling experiences with Meta Spark

The Ngā Atua Māori experience welcomes a global audience in to the Māori world. 

Based on a powerful creation story with an important place in Māori culture, it introduces participants to a tradition rich with ancient narrative. 

The Ngā Atua Māori story is about the very beginning of Māori existence and the Atua (gods) born in that moment.

I loved the spirit of this project by Meta Aotearoa. This project demonstrates how immersive technologies add new dimensions to indigenous storytelling.  

*Keystroke software applications and operating systems proceed with their next actions with the help of keystrokes.

Actions and specified events are available in software and operating system-based applications to collect and analyse keystrokes. 

Furthermore, keystroke rhythm is a behaviour biometric that is unique to an individual on a certain keyboard. 

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