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When it comes to creative marketing genius, Mike Hutcheson has just the right formula. From his award-winning brand work to educating the next generation of creative minds and Periodic Table of Innovation, he’s a deserving Marketing Hall of Fame inductee.

Marketing legend

A man who has spent most of his life working out what makes people tick, figuring out what they want and why, Mike Hutcheson has given a great deal to marketing in New Zealand. He’s delivered memorable campaigns for brands such as Tui Beer, Postbank, Honda and Lion Red; given stellar business and marketing advice to big-name companies; and helped inspire the next generation of creative thinkers through his various books and teaching ventures.

Now, it’s time for the marketing community to officially recognise his contribution to our ever evolving industry. And as the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards celebrates its 30th anniversary, it seems an apt time to induct ‘Hutch’ as he’s known to most, into our Marketing Hall of Fame.

Each year this award goes to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to New Zealand marketing, who has distinguished themselves in marketing or related fields; contributed to the betterment of marketing and its reputation; and individually motivated others to excel in their careers.

Hutch is this and so much more, as colleagues, friends and family will attest to…

“Hutch is an innovator who embraces change. One of his favourite quotes is ‘To create change you have to change something. That means thinking differently and changing the rules.’ Overriding all of his many skills and achievements there is one major attribute – Hutch is a really good human being.

So, it gives me huge pleasure to congratulate this year’s inductee into the Marketing Hall of Fame, Mike Hutcheson, FCIM.”  – Keith Norris, Marketing Consultant.

“Hutch is literally a legend, and his contribution to the advertising, media and marketing landscape is truly exceptional. The breadth of his achievements is breathtaking  – everything from being a founder of some of New Zealand’s best known advertising agencies to an academic, media commentator, professional director and celebrity speaker. I first met him at an event where he was giving a speech called ‘Confessions of a Failed Anorexic’! He was hilarious and inspirational and has become a supportive friend and confidante. He is such a go-to person and hugely loved by so many of us who have had the pleasure of years of collegiality and support from Hutch. I am in awe of the way he thinks and how he gets his head around complex problems with a robust blend of creativity, intelligence and academic rigour. Hutch has so many strings to his bow and it’s wonderful to see him teaching Practical Innovation and Entrepreneurship at AUT. I loved his pitch to get Fringe Benefit Tax removed from lunching post-Covid and his argument about great ideas being conceived over long lunches, as well as his Periodic Table of Innovation, which is inspired. Keep on shaking it up Mike.” – Jane Sweeney, Executive Chair & Co-Founder of Anthem.

At the outset we need to admit some considerable bias. Hutch is a very good friend, a former trustee of our Foundation, the current Chair of our endowment trust, and the designer of our brand. However having said that he is an absolute marketing genius. You just have to give him a branding or marketing challenge to see the brilliance. He instinctively gets what has to be communicated and then the artist in him comes up with the perfect image. He is New Zealand’s branding and marketing guru and we love him.” – Jo-anne Wilkinson, Lady Dingle, and Sir Graeme Dingle.  

“Hutch has one of the most creative, inspirational minds that I know of. His ability to take an idea, conceptualise it (or in his case, draw it), and bring it to life can only be done by a marketing maestro such as Hutch. This talent, especially in our digital, data-driven world, is increasingly rare to find. He has been my mentor, coach and a positive role model, willingly giving of his time as well as being empathetic and wise to my cause . To me, Hutch encompasses all the supreme qualities of a marketer but most importantly as a damn good human being. Congratulations Hutch!” – Rosina Webb, Founder & Brand Director of Energise.

This article was first published in the 2021 December/January issue of NZ Marketing magazine. You can subscribe to the magazine, here. Or read the other winner stories, here.

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